JUST SMALLS is an exciting new solo artist making waves in the music industry. Strong will and determination pushed JUST SMALLS forward, but raw talent has kept this artist strong and alive. JUST SMALLS prides herself on a beautiful, versatile sound and broad fanbase. For bookings, schedules, and more information get in touch today.




Full Bio

Hi I'm JUST SMALLS the name says it all. No Lables JUST SMALLS. I'm a small town girl from the Southside of Columbus, Ga. Lover of Music & Basketball equally and learning new things. Im a veteran proudly! I went to school for American Sign Language and started incorporating it in some of my songs along with "CC".

Most of my music I guess you can categorize as hip-hop or pop, but I don't limit myself to a genre. I like music! If the melody is right and the instruments flow together in harmony, I'm flowing to it and creating any type of music that I can feel. I dont lean on a genre when I'm creating, I just let it happen.

I want people to be happy and always know that's it's ok to be you. It's ok to Express yourself freely, it's ok to be different. Abnormal is extraordinary and living your truth is the most courageous thing you can ever do so let's enjoy life, make great music and go get it. Whatever "it" is for you...chase your dreams at whatever stage of life you're in. Don't be afraid to fail, because its YOUR life experiences that build YOUR character and create YOUR story. So do you, and go get it. Im just me, enjoying life as it comes and chasing dreams - Just Smalls -



Atlanta, GA


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